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Industry Terms and Lingo.

Digital output device for creating films for offset-litho printing. Digital files are output in a similar way to normal laser printing, but printed as separations for high-quality reproduction.

The total number of printed pages produced by the printer.

A printed piece designed to be placed into an already printed magazine or newspaper.

ISO paper sizes
European paper size standard. The most common of which is the 'A' series. The aspect ratio of ISO paper sheets is 1 to 1.414. This means that if you cut a sheet into halves they will be the same proportion as the original. In other words a sheet of A3, when cut in half, will give two sheets of A4.

There are are also B and C size papers and the larger RA and SRA paper sizes, which allow printers to print oversize sheets that can be trimmed to 'A' size for commercial use.

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