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Industry Terms and Lingo.

The final steps of the printing process after the actual printing is complete. Includes folding, collating, hole drilling, scoring, and binding.

Flexographic Press
A process used to print materials such as plastic bags. These presses use rubber plates with printed areas raised in relief.


Reversing the direction a picture or typeset word is facing. Sometimes called a "reading turn."

Foil blocking
Foil stamping, or foil blocking, is a printing process whereby metalic foil is applied to the printing substrate via a heated die.

Folding of a sheet during the bindery process to achience desired functionality. (Half fold, Tri-fold, Z-Fold). See our Folding Examples.

Four-color process
Printing in full color using four color separation negatives in the basic printing colors of yellow, magenta, cyan and black. Separating and screening the primary colors red, yellow, blue and black from full-color originals, and printing magenta (for red), cyan (for blue), yellow and black to create the illusion of full-color.

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